Cutting fluid mixing station




  • Cooling and lubricating fluid (CHMK)
    • CHMK plays an important role in metal machining
    • A stable CHMK concentration means:
      • long service life of the cutting tool
      • equipment protection
      • high quality of manufactured parts
  • Precise, programmable and automated mixing of liquids with water (including CHMK)
  • Long service life of cutting tools, anti-corrosion protection of equipment and manufactured parts made of metal and alloys
  • Convenient and easy operation, increased production productivity
  • Main advantages:
    • Automation of the process of mixing, feeding and checking the CHMK level
    • Convenient and easy to use
    • Possibility to connect up to 30 machines simultaneously
    • ZigBee wireless technology is used to exchange data
    • The station does not need a pump for its operation
    • High reliability and long service life
  • What does it take to work?
    • Water pressure in the pipeline (1.5…10 Bar)
    • AC supply ~220V or DC supply = 24V
  • Control
    • Control of the cooling and lubricating fluid production process is ensured using the special WasserMix Software. There are two options:
      • touch screen panel on the lid of the UST-100 device
      • Remote Access
  • The device allows you to control up to 30 machines in a row with different concentrations of KSS

Detailed information about the device can be found here.

Contact person

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